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Total submission
January 15, 2008, 3:55 pm
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Thanks to the hard work and skills of editor Ron Milestone, the “final cut” of Day Labor was completed in time to submit for the Atlanta Film Festival.   With a great assist from Melo, Tek, and YamNa of Roqmon Music, who huddled together for a late Sunday night production session, and put together some killer tracks to replace the temporary music.

Now the money starts to fly out the door as the festival submission lottery begins.  In addition to Atlanta, entries have gone out to:

  • Cannes (we can dream)
  • CineVegas
  • Houston
  • Seattle True Independant (STIFF)
  • Rhode Island
  • Athens (Ohio)

Also in the works: cast and crew premiere party at Manuel’s.  I’m looking at early February — as soon as I get the DVDs back from the duplicator.